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See you in The SUB!

Work in The SUB!

If you're an Acadia student looking for a job on Campus, you're in the right place


Work in The SUB

(Exclusively for Acadia students)



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Employment Opportunity

  • Bartender for The Axe Bar in The SUB

We're always looking for energetic students who wants to work in a cool place like The SUB. Submit cover letter and resume to:

Incomplete resumes will not be considered. DEADLINE: October 20th @ Noon




TERM: Present - April 30, 2024 RATE OF PAY: $15.00 per hour plus Vacation Pay


DUTIES: Mixing and serving drinks; opening and closing the Axe Bar and Grill or the bar for Students’ Centre events; responsible for stock, cash, and cleaning of the bar; be able to ID patrons with accuracy; and knowledge of the Nova Scotia Liquor Control Act.


TRAINING: Consists of a mandatory training session plus periodic training seminars throughout the year.


PREREQUISITES: Previous bartending experience would be an asset. Strong interpersonal and organizational skills. Sessional GPA of 2.00 or above. Responsible Serve or Serve Right certification is required.


HOURS: Shifts are scheduled depending on school and workload.


TO APPLY: Submit cover letter, resume, and a copy of your first semester marks:



Incomplete resumes will not be considered

DEADLINE: December 15th,2023

Volunteer Opportunities

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Application Form

Volunteer with the 

Sexual Health Resource Centre (SHRC)

If you are interested in volunteering for an organization that is sex positive, non-judgmental, and pro-choice and have a passion for educating around sex, sexuality, and sexual and reproductive health… then the SHRC may be a great fit for you! 


We are currently looking for volunteers for the 2023-2024 Academic year!


This is open to everyone who will be a student at Acadia in the Fall of 2023. 


Applications will be open until September 6, but we encourage you to apply before May 31st so we can have some help for Welcome Week.


Either fill out the online form or pick up a printed hard copy in the SUB.

Full-Time Jobs 

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Currently, The ASU doesn't have any vacancies 

Please check out this page periodically.

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