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Internal Organizations

The Athenaeum is the definitive source of news on campus. Published during the school year online and in print, it is the second oldest student newspaper in Canada still in print. The Athenaeum (The Ath for short) is written and edited by students, and funded by a combination of student fees and advertising. All Acadia students are welcome to join the staff of the paper; absolutely no experience is necessary.

  • Fridays ---------------- 5pm

    Location: Bottom Level of the SUB.

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The Athenaeum

Axe Radio

Axe Radio is an outlet for free artistic, cultural, and socio-political expression, entertainment, and discussion of controversial material within quality, thought-provoking programming in a manner conducive to free thought and open debate.

Axe Radio offers the opportunity for any student or community member to host their own radio show and gain experience in public broadcasting. Time slots and frequency of shows are determined by the hosts, meaning your show works with your schedule. They ensure that every member gets full training, so no previous radio experience is necessary. Any campus or community member is invited to create their own show or help out at any time during the year. The views and opinions expressed on Axe Radio do not necessarily reflect those of the organization or the ASU as a whole and belong to the host of the show. 


Tune in from anywhere, find them on Spotify @AxeRadio.

  • None, meetings can be set up through the contact email.

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Community Outreach Acadia

Community Outreach Acadia (COA) is an internal organization of Acadia’s Student Union that aims to provide students with diverse volunteer opportunities in the Wolfville area. Volunteering with COA can be a weekly commitment or just once or twice a semester. The goal is to provide students with opportunities that spark their interest while benefiting the community. Volunteering is a great way for students to improve their skill set to better prepare for future careers

COA provides Acadia students the opportunity to volunteer and get involved on campus and in the broader community. Volunteers gain valuable, hands-on experience in an area of their choosing or at events we host on and off-campus. Executive members plan and lead COA events. Executive applications open each September for the academic year. 

  • Mckenna Batstone -

  • Thursdays -- ----- 1 - 4pm

    Location: Via email or teams

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  • Ava Stefanovich-Thomson - 

  • Tuesday -------- 4 - 8pm

    Location: SUB, Peer support center, Room 505

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Acadia students can get involved by attending the weekly meeting and by attending events. We host campus wide events that everyone is welcome to attend. We also advocate for causes that benefit Acadia students such as increasing access to menstrual products. 

Acadia Women’s Centre is an internal organization based in The Students Union Building (SUB). Our mission is to support female-identifying students by advocating for women’s issues, empowering female students, and creating a strong sense of community among female-identifying students. 

Women's Center

  • Larque Law -  

  • Monday --------- 10-11am

    Tuesday --------- 11-12pm

    Wednesday ---- 10-11am

    Location: SUB, Peer Support Center, Room 506

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Acadia Pride organizes events for the local queer community, and create education campaigns to spread love, pride, and a counter to misinformation about queer people.  They provide necessary spaces for queer students to find and meet each other because It’s vital that students be able to find like-minded peers who share their experiences, are accepting of who they are, and who can provide empathy and understanding on a deep and succinct level. They also use our platform to address misinformation, myths, and attacks to the queer community. 

Acadia Pride is a community organization that hosts events and education campaigns for the local queer community. They aim to promote love, pride, and dispel misinformation about queer individuals. Additionally, they create spaces for queer students to connect with like-minded peers, fostering acceptance, empathy, and understanding. 

Acadia Pride

The Acadia Mental Health Initiative seeks to promote mental wellness on campus through a combination of peer support and advocacy. AMHI offers support to individual students struggling with their mental health and promotes equity and inclusion on campus as a whole through programming and advocacy.​

Events and Programming

AMHI hosts events and programming throughout the year, most notably Mental Health Week and Chill Week which are held on a semesterly basis.

Education and Training

AMHI promotes mental health education and training opportunities, such as ASIST and safeTalk, with the intention of empowering students with knowledge about mental health and mental health crisis situations.

What Do They Offer Students?

Acadia Mental Health Initiative

  • Tuesday ----------------------------- 

    Thursday ------------------------

    Location: SUB, Peer Support Center, Room 506

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  • None

  • Monday --------------- 12:30pm - 7:30pm
    Tuesday --------------- 12:30pm - 3:30pm & 5:30pm - 6:30pm
    Wednesday -----------12:30pm - 7:30pm
    Thursday --------------12:30pm - 3:30pm
    Friday --------------- 12:30pm - 2:30pm
    Saturday ---------------12:00pm - 1:00pm
    Sunday: closed

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The Acadia Student Union Food Cupboard at Acadia University aims to enhance student food security by providing emergency food resources, living essentials, nutritional information, and dietary support. The initiative, run by students for students, seeks to improve the overall well-being of the student body, addressing physical, mental, emotional, and financial aspects. The Food Cupboard is open to all students with a valid ID, and no financial proof is required. Additionally, the initiative encourages student involvement through volunteering, welcoming those interested in working towards improving food security on campus to fill executive roles.

The Acadia Student Union Food Cupboard at Acadia University aims to enhance student food security by providing emergency food resources, living essentials, nutritional information, and dietary support. The Food Cupboard is open to all students with a valid ID, and no financial proof is required.

ASU Food Cupboard

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