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For International Students

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Medical Plan

All International Acadia Students are automatically enrolled in the Acadia Student Union (ASU) International Medical Benefits Plan and the ASU Dental Benefits Plan. 

The ASU International Medical Plan is designed for international students who do not have MSI coverage (Provincial Health Insurance). It covers emergency medical expenses such as: visiting the doctor, hospital visits, diagnostic and lab tests, such as bloodwork, x-rays, etc., emergency transportation, and more. While also providing extended health coverage for things like: Prescription Drugs, Vision, Travel, Accident and More! Coverage starts September 1 and runs until August 31. 

International students are also automatically enrolled in the ASU Dental Benefits Plan. Your coverage includes exams, cleanings, fillings, extractions, anesthesia and more!  

The ASU Supports website is where you can learn more about your coverage, download your electronic benefits card, and make a claim and opt-in or out! For complete details surrounding your benefit coverage please go to

ASU Support
Health & Dental 

To ensure our students have access to the Health & Wellness services they need, Acadia Student Union offers two different health plans through Student VIP: The ASU Health & Dental Benefits Plan and the ASU International Medical Plan.

The ASU Health & Dental Benefit Plan and the ASU International Medical Benefits Plan are designed with you- the student- in mind, covering Prescription Drugs, Dental, Travel, Accident, Vision and More!

The ASU partnering with Student VIP also brings enhanced health care services through VIP Perks, such as the Direct 2U Health Hub, 27/7 Mental Health Support through I.M. WELL and My Peak, a student health benefits and safety app.

Discover your Health benefits with Tanya

You can find Tanya at The ASU Supports Office located on the main level of the Student Union Building, across from the Union Market- room 301.

OPEN: Monday to Friday ~ 9am to 4:30pm


Stop by and say hi!

Healt & Dental Insurance

ASU Supports

ASU Health & Dental Plan

The ASU Health & Dental Plan is a student-oriented benefit plan that covers prescriptions, dental, travel, accident, vision and many more services!

All full-time students are automatically billed and enrolled on this plan each academic year.

     ASU International Medical Plan

The ASU International Medical Plan is for international students who do not have MSI coverage. It provides coverage for doctor visits, hospital stays, diagnostic testing, emergency transportation, prescription drugs, travel and more! All international students are automatically billed and enrolled on this plan each academic year.

Opt-In ~ Opt-Out 

If you already have equivalent coverage and want to opt-out, or if you wish to add your eligible dependents to your benefits, you can do so through the ASU Supports webpage. The opt-out deadline for the 2022-23 academic year is September 30, 2022. Remember students must opt out of the plan every year.

I.M Well

This program is completely free for all Acadia students and alumni. Yes, this means that if you are graduating you will still have 24/7 access to high quality mental health services. Talk to a counsellor 24/7, via phone, live chat, or in-person. Our counselling is available in 240+ languages and all calls are confidential

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ASU Supports

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Health & Dental 

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ASU Support

Health & Dental 

Health Plan Card

Get yours!

To access your International Medical Plan Benefits card, you can download your health plan card online,  access your benefits card through the My Peak app, or you may request to have it e-mailed to you from the ASU Supports office. International students can also find their ASU Dental Benefits Card online at ASU Supports. 

Your Plan Card can be used to save you time and money at many pharmacies, dentists, and practitioners. Be sure to have it on you at all times to access your great benefits.

Your electronic health plan wallet card will be available after the blackout period. The blackout period ends the first week of October for students enrolled in the fall term and the first week of February for students enrolled in the winter term.

What is the blackout period? 


Each year the International Health Medical Plan enters a blackout period from September 1 to the beginning of October. During this time, the international student medical plan card will not work for up-front direct billable services. However, International students still have valid coverage during this blackout period and coverage will be backdated to September 1, once the period is over. 


During the blackout period, if you need to seek medical care, you may do so at Student Health Services, found on the west side entrance of the Dennis House. If you get medical care elsewhere and have paid up front for medical services or other extended health services, you will be required to submit a claim for reimbursement. Reimbursement will be made if the claim is eligible and after the blackout period. 

How do I opt out/in? 


All opt-ins must be done during the opt-in period in which you will start your studies. 

If you have comparable and alternative coverage you may opt-out of the ASU International Medical Benefits Plan during the appropriate opt-out period.


ASU International Medical Benefit’s Plan opt-outs are done through the Student VIP portal during the opt-out period.

Fall term opt in/out: August 16, 2022 – September 31, 2022 
Winter term opt in/out: December 16, 2022 – January 31, 2023 
Spring term opt in/out: April 16, 2023 – May 31, 2023 

Students looking to opt-in eligible family members must complete the application during the opt-in period the student begins their studies.


If you have family members that you would like to have included in your coverage, please visit or contact the ASU Supports office for assistance. 

International Students interested in purchasing private medical insurance prior to arrival will need to ensure that their purchased policies meet the requirements and criteria set out by Acadia University and the Acadia Students' Union. To see a detailed explanation of what is required please click here

How do I make a claim?

More Info

Please present your ASU International Medical Benefit Plan card when accessing services.  Also, don't forget to use your ASU Benefit Card when accessing health services to take advantage of the direct billing capabilities of your plan! 


If you are required to pay up front for a service, the easiest and fastest way to make a claim is via the ASU Supports website or the My Peak app.


Students must submit claims 90 days after coverage terminates or within one year from the date of service, whichever comes first.   

Contact ASU Supports  

We're in The SUB

Find us in the Student Union Building, Room 301, across from the Union Market.

Monday to Friday 9:00 to 4:30, closed from 12:00 to 1:00 for lunch. 


Phone us 902-585-2167 


E-mail us or 

Contact Student VIP 



Phone: 1-888-918-5056 

Live chat:  

Health & Dental

Domestic Students

All Full Time Acadia Students are automatically enrolled in the Acadia Student Union (ASU) Health & Dental Benefits Plan.


The ASU Health & Dental Benefits Plan is a student-oriented plan that covers prescriptions, dental, vision, mental health practioners, accident, travel, and other health service providers which supplements your provincial health coverage. You are covered from September 1 to August 31 of your academic year. 

If you are an International Student, you will also be automatically enrolled into the ASU Dental Benefits Plan for dental coverage and should refer to the International Medical Student Health Plan for additional information on your coverage.  


The ASU Supports website is where you can learn more about your coverage, download your electronic benefits card, and make a claim and opt-in or out! For more details around your coverage please click the button below.

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