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Online Store 

At the SHRC we are dedicated to providing our products at low prices,

as affordability is central to our mission of sex-positive, shame-free, and accessibility when it comes to sexuality and sex education.


Submission forms for all offered & upcoming workshops

Product Request Form

Use this form to request a specific product or sexual health related item from the Acadia SHRC shop! This form goes directly to the Manager, Paige Moreth ( and is completely confidential.

Sexual Health Resource Centre

The SHRC works to facilitate students’ advancement, growth, & development of sexual health knowledge and practices. We do that by providing education, resources, support and access to products for the Acadia community.

Fall 2023 Hours

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SHRC Manager 

Tuesday - Wednesday - Thursday

9 to 11 am / 12 to 4 pm 


Monday & Friday

Remote access. Students can e-mail questions or

chat via Teams.

Saturday and Sunday


Paige Moreth


Paige Moreth

SHRC Manager

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