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Safer Sex [is fun] for Everyone

This fun and informative workshop will provide an overview of how to enjoy safer sex, and ins inclusive of all sexualities and identities. You will learn about ways to play (aka pleasure anatomy), information about STIs and how to protect yourself and partners, communication and consent, and all about safer sex tips and tools.


There will be an opportunity for participants to ask questions and/or submit questions to be answered anonymously at the end of the workshop.

Sex Toy 101

This informative, fun, and sex-positive workshop will demystify the world of sex toys and help you navigate what toy is right for you. This workshop is great for all genders, orientations, and for those interested in using toys solo and with a partner.


In this workshop, our facilitators will introduce you to the ins and outs (no pun intended) of sex toys and will:

  • Review sex toy terminology

  • Provide an overview of the types of sex toys and explain their various uses

  • Explain the materials sex toys are made of, body-safe materials, lube compatibility

  • Give tips for safe(r) sex toy use and cleaning/caring for toys

  • Give tips for introducing toys with partners

Zine and Button Making

This is a hands-on creative workshop where you have the choice of creating zines (booklets) or pin-back buttons. You will use these artistic mediums as a way to explore and convey messages of sex-positivity, sexual health and wellness, gender and sexuality, reclaiming your sexual education, and more. Choose from pre-determined themes, or suggest your own upon booking.

Supplies provided for each participant to make 2-4 buttons and/or 1 zine. 

SHRC Introduction

This introductory workshop provides a fun and informative overview of what the SHRC is, the services and products we offer, and how we can help students. We will go over the basics of fun safer sex, consent, positive sexual health practices, and sex positivity and how you can practice these concepts in your own relationships and day to day life. 

Optional add-ons
SHRC Tour: If workshop takes place in the SHRC, include a tour of the SHRC. 
Creative crafts: Participants can make pin-back buttons, sex-ed related zines and sexual health themed coloring pages

Core Workshops

The SHRC is currently redeveloping our programming. In the meantime, if you have a particular topic you’d like to have us speak on, please email and we can build a workshop for your club, association, or event!

This program offers free gender-affirming gear to folks across Nova Scotia.

If you, or someone you know, would like to order a piece of gender-affirming gear please fill out this form. These items will either be delivered to you, or dropped off at a nearby pick-up location free of cost. As of now each individual can only request one item. The Transformation Closet is a program run in collaboration with our member centers with support from community partners.

Transformation Closet Program

Visit Transformation Closet website
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