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Our Mission 

The SHRC works to facilitate students’ advancement, growth, and development of sexual health knowledge and practices. We do that by providing education, resources, support and access to products for the Acadia community.



We offer a variety of free products to anyone who needs them—this includes free internal and external condoms, free pregnancy tests, free personal lubricant testers, free menstrual products and variety of sex toys & safer sex products at below retail market prices.

Resource Library

We have a well-stocked resource
library full of books, zines, and
magazines, covering topics such
as: how-to guides, sexual and
reproductive health, gender and
sexuality, dating and
relationships, erotica, queer
issues, sex and religion,
workbooks, and more. Our books are available to borrow for up to two weeks. 

Our Values

THE SHRC is an inclusive,
confidential, non-judgmental,
sex positive, pro-choice
organization. We believe every
individual has the right to
accurate, up-to-date,
unbiased, evidence-informed
information and services when
it comes to sexual and
reproductive health.

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