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 The ASU

The ASU advocates for the rights of the students of Acadia within our university, within the Wolfville and Valley communities, and to the provincial & federal governments. Within the Acadia community, Students’ Union representatives sit on major committees to ensure the needs of students are a priority and taken into account in all decisions made at our university. These committees include the Board of Governors, Senate, Residence Life and many more. The Students’ Union also represents post-secondary education issues of Acadia students in external advocacy work through the provincial and federal lobbying groups Students Nova Scotia and Canadian Alliance of Student Associations (CASA). See the profile of the Vice President Academic & External for more information. 


The ASU also offers many Student Services to help Acadia students have their best university experience, even during those stressful and tough times. These services include Off-Campus Housing Assistance, the Safety and Security Shuttle (which helps students get from place to place around campus and off in the evenings) and the Health and Dental Plan.

The ASU also hosts the clubs that operate through the ASU, as well as the Internal Organizations like the student-led campus newspaper, the Athenaeum; the campus radio station, Axe Radio; and the Acadia Women’s Centre.

Cajun’s, the Union operated clothing store is also owned and operated by the ASU with the proceeds from these sales going directly back to you, the students. In addition to these services, and many more which you can find by exploring the website, the ASU is responsible for providing Acadia students with an incredible Orientation Week, Frost Week, awesome concerts all year long, and many more stellar events. The ASU owns & operates the on-campus bar, The Axe Bar & Grill where students can enjoy a variety of musical events including Wednesday night Trivia and Wings, live DJs on Fridays , as well as great concerts throughout the year.

Acadia Students’ Union is a student governed organization dedicated to serving its members through effective representation and communication. The Students’ Union offers innovative and quality services while providing a variety of opportunities which enhance the overall University experience of the students of Acadia.

Acadia Students’ Union believes in and upholds the values of integrity, excellence, and respect, while recognizing the importance of fun, community spirit, and the tradition upon which the Union was founded.

The Provincial Act to Incorporate Acadia Students’ Union, assented to on March 22, 1967, recognizes this body as the official organization of the students of Acadia University. Acadia Students’ Union is an autonomous and independent organization, separate and distinct from Acadia University, with the financial and legislative independence to make decisions, collect fees, and represent the membership. Our organization operates and manages the ASU Students’ Centre, offers innovative and quality services, events, and activities and provides strong representation for, and communication to, the students of Acadia University.



Our    Mission

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