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New Information And Updates:

Hey there, Acadia!


Interested in a campus job?


Well, today's your lucky day because the Acadia Student Union is looking for students to join our team at the SUB!


Hurry, there are three positions available exclusively for Acadia students.

Click the button below to discover the details of each position.


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Check out our socials for more information

Find These Businesses In The Sub

Cajun's Acadia Gear is the place for you!

Looking for Acadia swag, then Cajun’s is your spot! We’ve been the top spot for Acadia gear, with the widest selection and best prices.

Get your morning coffee with us

Perkins is the perfect spot to meet up with friends, chill, study, or have a group meeting. If you enjoy music, be sure to take in one of our open mic events.

Best snacks & drinks on campus

The Union Market is a one-stop snack shop with a wide array of both traditional and hard-to-find treats.  We’re also the access point to mail services for on-campus students.  

We host the best events on campus!

The Axe has been a beacon for fun times at Acadia for decades. Make sure to check out our event calendar and our socials for some sweet deals!

Get Your Acadia Gear at CAJUNS!

Check out our current favorites:


These T-shirts aren't just clothes; they're a piece of your Acadia story. Wear your Acadia pride wherever you go.

Buy Here 


Join us in our commitment to sustainability. Tumbler bottles are eco-friendly, reusable, helping reduce waste and protect the environment. 

Buy Here


Whether you're heading to class, exploring our beautiful campus, or just need a reliable jacket for everyday wear, our Landway jackets are a versatile choice. 

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