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"During this year, I have been a TA for both Chemistry and Math. I have also been teaching children Piano and vocal lessons. I have also been involved with multiple positions within Acadia helping with Covid clinics. I have also been volunteering with the Inpatient unit of Twin Oaks Hospital."

Samantha Munro


My name is Chiara, and I study Business Administration at Acadia. This year, I had the honour of being the elected Professional Studies Senator of the ASU and now being chosen as the SRC Member of the Year. In a year manifested by changes, Covid, the strike, and the war in Ukraine, the ASU has always been at the students’ backs, advocating, launching events, and valuing students. On the student council, I was the channel between the Professional Studies students and the ASU. I formed a committee of club leaders and following the interests of the clubs I planned entertaining student vlogs and app recommendation projects. On May 1st I will take a step further in the mission of advocating and representing students- ASU VP of Student Life, I am coming.

Chiara Lu

SRC Member of the Year

Allison Smith is Acadia’s Sexualized Violence Response and Education Coordinator. Her role is to support survivors, help them navigate options under the Sexualized Violence Policy, and provide training and education across campus about sexual violence, consent, and related issues. Since joining Acadia in February of 2021, Allison has played a key role in many important initiatives on campus, including the Women, Trans, Non-Binary gym time at the Fitness Centre and Acadia’s new Positive Spaces program focused on creating safer spaces for 2SLGBTQIA+ students. She has also provided training to all of this year’s RAs and other campus leaders on bystander intervention and has given numerous guest lectures and presentations about the Sexualized Violence Policy, best practices when supporting survivors, and strategies for building a culture of consent and community care across our campus. 

Allison Smith

Bob Stead

My name is Gabrielle Pratt and I am a third year Kine major. I am from The Bahamas, and I have had a very successful and enjoyable time at Acadia thus far. I have served on various boards and i have been very active in the Acadia Community that includes S.M.I.L.E. Program (2019-2020), Student Ambassador for Kinesiology (2020-2021),Event Planner for Sisters of Color (2020-2021), International Caribbean Ambassador (2020-2021), Ambassador for Kinesiology with The Wong International Center (2021-2022),New Student Mentor (2021-2022),Vice President of Sisters of Color (2021-2022),Event Coordinator for Acadia International Society (2021-2022),Secretary For Acadia’s Rotaract Club (2021-2022), Acadia Cheerleading Game Team (2021-2022), Acadia Caribbean Society Member (2021-2022) ,STAR Employee of the Month at Cajuns (September 2021and February 2022), President for Sisters of Color (2022-2023) VP of Events for BSA (2022-2023), VP of Communications AIS(2022-2023), Secretary for Rotaract Club (2022-2023).

Gabrielle Pratt

Junior of the year

ASU Leadership Awards 

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