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Get your ASU Mailbox!

To receive any mail or packages on campus, you'll need to purchase an ASU mailbox (you can do it online).

Once it’s purchased and we process the order, you will receive an email with your new mailing address and box number.


You can start using it then and pick up your key from the Union Market. Visit us in The SUB if you have any more queries or assistance.

Transformation Closet Program

This program offers free gender-affirming gear to folks across Nova Scotia.

If you, or someone you know, would like to order a piece of gender-affirming gear please fill out 

this form.


These items will either be delivered to you, or dropped off at a nearby pick-up location free of cost. As of now each individual can only request one item.


The Transformation Closet is a program run in collaboration with our member centers with support from community partners.

Sexual Health Resource Centre (SHRC) Library

Our Resource Library is well-stocked with over 200 books spanning a wide range of topics, including how-to guides, sexual and reproductive health, gender and sexuality, consent, dating and relationships, erotica, sex and religion, disability & sexuality, queer issues, & memoir and fiction.

Legal Aid

Your I.M. Well program provides you and your family members with a free and confidential consultation in all areas of law (excluding labour law*)


You’ll receive:

• A 1-hour free consultation with a lawyer per person, per issue, per calendar year.

• A 25% discount for any optional ongoing legal services (at your cost).

How to access:


1. Call 1-877-554-6935

2. Advise that you would like to access legal advice

3. The intake specialist will transfer you to the lawyer and remain on the line until connected


Legal Support provides advice in all areas, including:


• Landlord disputes • Child custody • Immigration • Domestic violence • Civil and personal matters • Impaired driving • Separation and divorce • Property law • Elder law • Criminal law • Wills and estates

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